What Are Some Basic Electronic Elements?

//What Are Some Basic Electronic Elements?

If you build electronic circuits, you will be working with various electronic components. Some of these elements are:

Integrated circuits

Electrical components have several leads or terminals. These leads or terminals connect to create an electric circuit. They are connected to complete a particular function. Examples of this are:

Radio receivers

These components may be discretely packaged to look like an array of same elements. They can also be integrated inside of other circuits like thick film devices or hybrid integrated circuits.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that electronic supplies elements are abstract in nature. Instead of being in physical form, they are ideal representations of electrical components.


This is a device that has three terminals. Voltage is applied to one of the terminals, also known as the base terminal. This terminal is able to control the current that flows over the two other terminals. These terminals are called the emitter and the collector. In electronics, this elements is considered to be one of the most important devices.

Transistors are similar to diodes in the fact they are both semiconductor devices, except they have three terminals. There are two different types of transistors, field effect transistor (FET) and bipolar junction transistors (BJT).


This is an electronic components that resists a current’s flow. Resistors are the most basic electronic devices that is used in electronic circuits.

Resistors are very small, and when placed beside a penny, you will get a better idea of how small they really are.

It is also important to note that resistors have different resistance values. The resistance values are measurements of how much current they can resist, and it is measured in units known as ohms. Power ratings measure the amount of power they are able to withstand without burning up. This is referred to as watts.

Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits are special electronic components that actually contain a complete electronic circuit. Inside of these circuits are transistors, diodes and other components. These elements are etched in a small piece of silicon. These types of circuits are considered to be the building blocks of advanced technological gadgets like cellphones and computers.


Capacitors are some of the top electronic components used in circuits. These are devices that can be used to temporarily store electrical charges.

They are available in several varieties, including electrolytic and ceramic disk. Generally, the amount of capacitance is measured in microfarads.


This is a device that allows currents to flow only in one direction. There are two terminals on diodes, the cathode and the anode. The flow of current will only go through the diode when the anode has a positive voltage, and the cathode has a negative voltage. If the voltage is reversed, the component will not work.

Electronic elements use circuit analysis to understand the use of components in practical electrical networks. By analyzing the way these components affect a network, there will be a better understanding how a real network will react.