Well Water And Hair Damage

//Well Water And Hair Damage

The sound of rain falling is one of the most relaxing natural tonics for those who are under stress. The rain that falls is often refereed to as ‘soft’ water. However as the rainwater leaches into the soil it picks up minerals that are dissolved into it. These minerals can include chalk, lime but will in most instances consist of larger quantities of dissolved calcium and magnesium.

Once this happens the water can be referred to as ‘hard’. It is this water that is drawn from sources like wells. Now, in most instances this water is safe to drink – in fact many people prefer the taste of this water.

Hard Water Effects

However, hard water can have some damaging effects on hair and can in fact be responsible for conditions such as hair loss. The minerals and oxidizers in hard water can lead to brittleness and damage to the scalp. One explanation for this is that hard water contains these elements which are positively charged. Hair contains a negative charge. The interaction between the hard water and hair causes frizziness and dries out both the hair, which it strips of essential oils and also the scalp whcih contains those structures which are essential for the new growth of healthy hair.

Hair fall is not the only consequence of using hard water such as that which is drawn from wells. There are other hair problems that can be caused by suing this water.

These problems can include thinning and graying of hair, Eczema and dandruff and a general lifeless look tot he hair. These problems can even persist after using the most expensive and well formulated conditioners. For many users of highly formulated hair treatments and shampoos the problems can be incredibly frustrating – nothing that they treat their hair with seems to make any difference. The problem may not be with these treatments – the problem may be in the water itself.

But the good news is the fact that there are solutions to the issue. the first of these is to make use of water softening machines. These machines use a technique that removes dissolved minerals.

Fitting A Water Softener

The process uses ‘ion exchange’ The water softener has a column filled with beads of a specific type of resin which remove the ions of calcium and magnesium and replaces those compounds with sodium, bringing the water closer to that which falls naturally – rainwater.

Modern units are incredibly sophisticated and can easily be installed in small spaces that will allow them to treat all the water that is used in the household.

The treated water is not only good for the continued health of hair, but can also help prevent many of the other problems that are caused by household use of hard water, such as calcium and lime buildup in plumbing systems.

Fitting a water softener is an investment that will pay off by increased health, not only of hair but of the entire household. Well water may be great tasting but it is certainly kind to your hair. Look into a water softening system today. For more queries visit the website at HTTPS://WWW.WATERSOFTENERGURUS.COM or contact us.