Lil Wonder Hedge Trimmer Review

//Lil Wonder Hedge Trimmer Review

When you are searching for a good hedge trimmer to buy, you must be more careful as rarely these trimmers truly live up to their assertions. These models appear to be damaged or weak, however, Lil Wonder Hedge Trimmer is unlike the others as it really does the work it is constructed for. The blade is double-sided and features a matching cutting action in a non-heavy electric hedge trimmer. This model is amongst the most accurate and labor-saving hedge trimmer in the market. With its carbon steel blades, it can trim up to a wide range. The dual handle switches provide additional safety to make it more secure and appropriate for heavy-duty work.


  1. Features


Swift, Strong and Accurate


This model has a total blade length of approximately 24 inches. It has the capacity of half-inch cutting and 2,700 cuts per minute. Other features of this gardening tool include 120 volts, 4.5 amp, and 462.33 watts. Compared to other hedge trimmers, it can cut up to 20% more and features dual blades for less vibration and heavier trims. The safety features avoid injuries.


Strong Blades


Blades of Lil Wonder hedge trimmers generally last longer and need less sharpening- a great feature since sharpening have a tendency to dull the shine of the blade. Lil Wonder hedge trimmer blades are normally ten times stronger than steel. It is a gardening tool that you can depend on.


Incredible Cutting Range


Like we have mentioned earlier, this tool has the capacity to cut up to 0.5 inch of growth- an excellent range for a hedge trimmer. But, it’s not chaotic or dirty as it maintains a clean cut at the highest speed despite the thickness of the growth.


Minimum Noise Level


This gardening has a 10dB sound reduction in volume pressure, the overall noise that is released into the environment is only 8dB.



  1. Highly efficient – It makes clean and proper cuts. It can also cut thick growth thanks to the blade’s wide range.
  2. Strong – The strong blades are really surprising. It is completely durable, efficient, and has a long lifespan.
  3. Powerful – The angled gear teeth transmitter lets more power to be directly distributed from the motor to the blades.
  4. Safe – The hedge trimmer is constructed primarily to surpass every international safety standard. It is one of the safest gardening tools you can own.


Unfortunately, all the features and pros we have mentioned above will cost you a lot of money- around $410 to be exact! But, make sure to consider that with the incredible features, it is worth every penny. You will experience using its amazing features. Another disadvantage of this hedge trimmer is its short warranty. But do not worry, Lil Wonder hedge trimmers are known for being durable and long-lasting.


In conclusion, this electric Lil Wonder hedge trimmer is unquestionably the best trimmer available in the market. It is reliable, efficient and safe, and comes with a lot of amazing features.