Learning How To Clean The Water Softener Filter The Right Way

//Learning How To Clean The Water Softener Filter The Right Way

Water softening systems work without you having to do anything else than checking the brine tank and adding salt until it reaches the proper level. If you do this, you can enjoy soft water for a very long time. Maintenance is also very easy to do, and it consists from cleaning the brine tank and replacing the filter. Both things can be done by you, without the need for plumbing knowledge or technical skills. All you need is a screwdriver and your user manual.

How To Clean The Water Softener Filter

Most systems require you to change the water filter every three months. If you stick to this rule, you won’t have any troubles with your device. However, you need to make sure you have spare filters available whenever you need them. Although filters aren’t among the most expensive parts of a fleck water softener systems, it can occur that you can’t find the proper ones for your unit. In such situations, the only thing you can do is to clean the old filter of your water softener, in order to expand its life for a little longer.

Learning how to clean the water softener filter the right way can be daunting. You may find some information online, either on YouTube or on various other websites. If you do, watch these videos with great care, and try to follow the steps they describe. The cleaning procedure depends on the type of water filter. Some of them are pressurized, so you have to be very careful when you remove them from the unit.

Installing Water Softener

You should know about that paper water filters can;t be cleaned. If this is your filter, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to buy a new one each and every three months. If your filter is made from carbon or synthetic pleated fibers, you’re going to be able to clean it. You can start the cleaning by removing the excess gunk. You can use a hose to do it. Make sure you put the filter in a bucket or in a sink, in order to avoid spills. If possible, you should try to do this cleaning outside the house, in your garden or on your deck. Spray both sides of the filter until you are satisfied with the result.

If you have a pleated fiber filter, prepare a solution of water and oxalic acid, and soak the filter in it. If you need to clean a carbon filter, soak it in a bleach solution. For best results, you should ask the plumber who comes to install your water softener what kind of filter it has, and what is the best way to clean it. You may get all the information you need right off the bat, thus being able to remove and clean the filter whenever you need. Like this, you’ll save on buying replacement filters all the time. Nonetheless, you should probably clean your water filter only once or twice, and then consider replacing it. Keeping your water softener working should be your main priority as replacing it would cost too much.