Learn How Organic Search Engine Optimization Works

//Learn How Organic Search Engine Optimization Works

Are you wondering why everybody seems to be using search engine optimization? It’s amazing how despite the immense popularity of Google and other search engines, many business owners still are not aware of the benefits of ranking their website in the organic search listings. If all you have been doing is paying for online advertisements, then you should learn how organic search engine optimization works in order to increase your online visibility.

How Internet Search Engines Work?

First, let us discuss how search engines function. When you enter a keyword on Google, a list of relevant results will show up. From there, it’s all a matter of selecting what website you want to read. Just imagine what this can do for your business. You can bet that potential customers are using Google right now to search for your products or services. But if you do not show up on the first page, then you are losing out on a ton of targeted traffic.

What’s interesting to discuss is the process by which Google determines what websites to include on the first page. Google uses a complex algorithm that takes into consideration more than 200 ranking factors. Based on these factors, Google identifies where they should rank in their search index. Of course, Google doesn’t say what all of these ranking factors are, but most Webmasters know that the top three include Google RankBrain, keywords, and backlinks.

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Now that you know how the search algorithm works, it is your job to optimize your website in such a way that makes it favorable in the eyes of the search engine spiders. You need to start with a comprehensive SEO audit of your website. The goal is to determine what areas of your website must be optimized. It is best to start with your website structure. Make sure that your content is categorized instead of being all over the place. Also, optimize your URL slugs and make sure they are short and contain your target keywords.

When it comes to your content, remember not to focus too much on keywords. Yes, you need to insert the keyword in your title, but try to use variations and LSI terms on the body of your content. If you stuff too many keywords in your content, expect your website to not rank at all. This tactic is reviewed by a Google as a means of gaming the algorithm.

Once you have optimized all of your content, it is time to build some high-quality links with atlanta local seo. This is where most Webmasters make mistakes. It is easy to create 1000 links to your website, but what matters most is the quality of those links. Try to reach out to Webmasters in your niche and see whether you can publish guest posts. This is an excellent way to get links from relevant and authoritative sources. Also, do not forget to optimize your anchor text. Avoid using the exact keyword you want to rank for. Instead, focus on variations of the keyword to avoid getting penalized.