Hedge Trimmers

//Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are described to be gardening tools used for trimming, cutting or pruning hedges. There exist manual and powered versions of hedge trimmer tools. Also, there exists a vast variation of hedge trimmers all around the globe. There are also various types of hedge trimmers.

These are some types of hedge trimmers:

1.) Manual hedge trimmers

The most basic hedge trimmer is the manual hedge trimmer which is usually the hedge trimmer seen in the movies. Manual hedge trimmers are also called hedge shears or hedge clippers. This is the cheapest and most environment-friendly hedge trimmer.

2.) Motor hedge trimmers

Motor hedge trimmers use machine power. This makes work easier and finished with lesser effort than manual hedge trimmers. These powered trimmers are generally designed to work only with the operator’s cooperation. The operator should put their hands on the handles. There also exist safety precautions in handling motor hedge trimmers.

An example of motor hedge trimmers:

a.)    Electrical trimmers

Electrical trimmers are lighter and less powerful. It also produces lesser noise and pollution than gasoline variants. However, it still usually requires an electrical cord. Others have rechargeable batteries.

Hedge Trimmers in gardening

To make gardening better and with the help of technology, tools were made and improved for more convenient gardening. Gardening is part of our lives. Gardening has been present around the world since the ancient times. It was used as means of the source of food mainly for survival. Today, even in the urban, people still has gardens in their backyards. Others have homes surrounded by hedges. One of the gardening tools used is a hedge trimmer. Other names include shrub trimmer or a bush trimmer. If you feel your hedges need a cut for maintenance or for any reason, hedge trimmers will be helpful for you. You may design the hedges according to your preference or theme. There are various and different kinds of hedge trimmers. Each of these trimmers is designed fitting for a specified purpose. Using a hedge trimmer with specified purpose will help you be more efficient and more productive.


These are some of the variations of hedge trimmers:

Lowe’s Kobalt dual cordless hedge trimmer

Dewalt hedge trimmer

Black and Decker cordless hedge trimmer

Ryobi hedge trimmer

Greenworks hedge trimmer

Craftsman hedge trimmer

Lil wonder hedge trimmer