Greenworks Hedge Trimmer Review

//Greenworks Hedge Trimmer Review

With your backyard filled bushes and several rows of shrub, there are a wide variety of tools that can help clear overgrown greenery. But, no tool can get the task done faster than an electric hedge trimmer. Among several electric hedge hammers in the market, the Greenworks Cordless Hedge Hammer is a popular model in the market. With a handful of features, this model is crafted to face the toughest trimming jobs with ease and simplicity. Read more of this article to know more about this product.

Quick And Easy Start-Up

One of Greenworks Cordless Hedge Hammer’s selling point is its quick and easy start-up. A simple push of the power button will get this tool up and be running. Unlike other models that need you to pull the cord several times before they start.

Powerful Tool

Another great feature of the Greenworks Cordless Hedge Hammer is its ability to cut through even the chunkiest branches effortlessly without putting in a lot of work. This is due to the 80 v brushless motor inside this hedge hammer that provides sufficient power to manage heavy-duty trimming jobs. Added to that, the motor gives an incredible torque speed that allows cutting chuck branches light work.

1 Hour of Continuous Trimming

Regarding hedge trimmers, oil and gas powered versions often run longer compared to cordless electric powered models. But, the Greenworks Cordless Hedge Trimmer is exempted from this rule.

The tool utilizes the latest and most-advanced battery technology to give you as far as an hour of trimming on a full battery. Not only that, you may greatly increase the run time by having an additional full battery on standby. With the anti-jamming technology integrated into this tool, this continuous and power time goes by steadily without any incident such as the blade getting choked by branches or a rammed engine.

Fast Performance

With a 26-inch dual action steel blade, the Greenworks Hedge Trimmer lets you swiftly complete your trimming, allowing you to do other chores. This blade length allows the trimmer to cut a handful amount of hedge in just a single sweep. The trimmer’s cutting capacity is additionally enhanced due to the blade’s dual action that allows you to cut even more branches in one sweep.


Versatile Trimming Speed

This hedge trimmer has a changeable speed trigger that allows you to choose the speed, as fast as 3,000 strokes per minute. This speed adjustment aspect lets you customize the tool to meet your particular needs on every use.

For example, you can pick the fastest speed when you want to have clean, swift cuts to trim a wide area quickly and leave the hedges appearing clean.

On the other hand, you can opt for a slower speed when you are facing with small or thin branches.

The only disadvantage with this amazing trimming tool is its weight. Therefore, if you use the Greenworks Hedge Trimmer for too long, there is a possibility that your arm would tire quickly. But other than that, this is an incredible tool!