Buying Guide: Hedge Trimmers

//Buying Guide: Hedge Trimmers

The market of hedge trimmers available is very huge, especially online. The ideal hedge trimmer is dependent every person’s distinct needs. Some of the most important factors to consider include the size of the hedge, trimmer power source, frequency of usage, and the blades.


Every potential buyer would have several issues to think about. Therefore, it is very important to set a target amount for budget and to consider the following when shopping for a hedge trimmer.



For backyards or gardens with hedges taller or wider than 5 feet, it is important to consider an extended reach hedge trimmer. Most standard models are constructed to shear shrubs that have height and width less than 5 feet. Using the extended reach hedge trimmers, one can stand on the ground and still be able to cut the highest part of a towering hedge. For a lot of individuals, a hedge trimmer that features a tilted blade usually makes it less difficult to trim straight.



There are hedge trimmers that are designed mainly to be lightweight. These are best for individuals who are not capable of carrying around heavy weighty objects for a long duration of time. When considering the weight of the hedge trimmer, make sure to think through how long the job could take. This differs based on a number of shrubs your garden/backyard has. Extended-reach trimmers are usually heavier than regular models. Individuals with good balance and plenty of muscle can use these types of hedge trimmers without experiencing any issues. For standard trimmers, gasoline-powered models are often heavier than electric ones.



Although a lot of individuals are content to cut their hedges every month, there are individuals who prefer to keep their backyard or garden pristine by cutting the hedges weekly or more often. If this is your case, it is very important to buy a trimmer that is designed to last longer. There are trimmers that are designed to be used less often. Although, a hedge trimmer that is frequently used should have sturdy defenses against moisture, debris, and dirt. For people who plan to use their hedge trimmer every day will take advantage of a gas-powered hedge trimmer. It takes long to recharge a cordless electric hedge trimmer, and a corded electric hedge trimmer has a limited duration of use.


Blade Options


You can choose from various types of blades. Hedge trimmers have flat metal blades with jagged edges. Blade gaps are measured with the space between each small tool. It can affect a hedge trimmer’s performance on specific types of hedges. As a rule of thumb, professional landscapers utilizes an inch (or more) of blade gaps for their trimmers. There are several sizes of blades you can choose from, but the most sought ones are in between 13 and 40 inches. If you are a beginner, you should use smaller blades. Yes, longer blades are more improved in the cutting department, but they are also more difficult to handle. A great way to improve your trimming skills is to use smaller blades first and update slowly one size at a time.